Our Bucket List (or Retirement List)

A Bucket List is a fairly popular concept to most people.

This was definitely on our bucket list.

Figure out a bunch of awesome things you want to do in your lifetime, write them down and then tick them off as you achieve them.

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Curing Boredom on the Way to Early Retirement

A number of times, I have been asked if I get bored by not spending as much money as everyone else.

A giraffe is never boring.

The assumption is, if you’re not spending money on things to do, you must be bored. That couldn’t be further from the truth.
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Monthly Savings Rate- August 2017

August was another very expensive month for us. We got our lowest savings rate of the year!

Oh the shame.

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Becoming a Two Car Family

You might remember, last year, we became a one car family.

We love our little red car!

We were very content with our little red car. Almost a year on, it has never provided any sort of issue. We have always been able to work out any need to be in two separate places at once, and the whole journey has gone very well. Continue reading

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The Australian Blogger Interview Series: Aussie Firebug

Welcome back to The Australian Blogger Interview Series.

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The Importance of Tracking Your Spending

In May, Mr Money Mustache released his annual spending post for 2016.

These are my favourite posts of his, where he details every dollar his family of three spent for the year. I gain a great deal of inspiration and motivation from them and I’m constantly amazed at the consistency of their spending.
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Monthly Savings Rate- July 2017

Straight off the high of a 62% Savings Rate in June, we entered July…

And promptly fell flat on our faces. Continue reading

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Unclaimed Money

Back in April, the Australian media was full of stories about how Australians had more than $1 billion in unclaimed funds lying dormant in a variety of accounts.

A desert of unclaimed money is out there.

Poopsie read about it on ABC Online, and headed straight over to the ASIC website to do a search on both of our names. Imagine his surprise when he found over $900 listed against my name!
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Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping

Food. For many Australians it accounts for the second or third biggest chunk out of their budget, after housing and/or transport. Poor food choices are also leading to an increase of “lifestyle” diseases, such as Type II diabetes and heart disease.

Four Australian personal finance bloggers (Enough Time To, All About Balance, FIRE By Thirty-Five and yours truly) decided to get together and offer an in-depth look at how we all “do” food in our households.

It doesn’t matter whether you like to plan or just wing it, whether you have gourmet tastes or enjoy simple food, or whether you love or hate cooking; we’re sure you’ll find some tips and tricks to eat more healthily and find ways to save. Continue reading

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Reaching Milestones on the Journey to Early Retirement

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you know that Poopsie and I don’t budget in the traditional sense of the word.

Instead, we try and keep our spending as low as possible and everything left over is either put into our offset account or our Vanguard Index Fund. Continue reading

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