Waiting for Early Retirement

Here at AWP, we’re working our way toward FIRE – Financial Independence, Retire Early.

We have been on this journey for a couple of years now and have under six to go (maybe). But in those remaining six years, the thing we will be doing most is waiting. Continue reading

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Financial Community

You might remember back in June, I wrote about the importance of a financial community.

In that post, I mentioned that Mrs. ETT, Miss Balance and I regularly have some great chats on Twitter. Continue reading

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Are you serious?

First of all, for those who don’t follow us on Twitter, you may have noticed that we didn’t publish a post last week. I sent out this message on Twitter, letting everyone know that there wouldn’t be a post.

Both Poopsie and I started new jobs a few weeks ago. While they’re with the same organisation, the jobs themselves are different to what we were doing before and let’s just say, there has been an adjustment. We both get home and collapse. Our brains are mush. Continue reading

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Our 2017 Savings Rate and What’s Ahead for 2018

It seems like I only just wrote our Savings Rate post for 2016! How time has flown.

For a quick refresh, our 2016 savings rate was 40%. We were disappointed with that rate and were determined to do better in 2017. We did slightly better, but not much. Continue reading

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Monthly Savings Rate- December 2017

It seems very late to be publishing this post as we are already half way through January! But, we have had a lot going on, what with getting married, going on an amazing honeymoon and moving to Sydney to start new jobs.

That’s right! For those who don’t follow us on Twitter, we are officially married. Our wedding was wonderful! We are so glad we decided to do it and we’ll cherish the memories we made. I don’t yet have the official photographs back, but when I do I’ll be sure to post some. Continue reading

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The Australian Blogger Interview Series: Enough Time To

Welcome to The Australian Blogger Interview Series.

We noticed the Australian personal finance community growing, mostly through our interactions on Twitter and we wanted to continue to foster this great camaraderie. We’ve reached out to as many Australian personal finance bloggers as we could and asked them to participate in our interview series. If you have any favourite Australian personal finance bloggers, tell us about them in the comments below and we’ll invite them to participate.

Next up: Mrs. ETT from Enough Time To.
Continue reading

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Adventures with Poopsie’s Two Year Blogiversary

So we completely missed our one year blogiversary!

It was exactly a year ago and we forgot to mark the occasion- in fact we took a short break from the blog for Christmas and New Year.

But not this year! While we’re still on a break (on our honeymoon to be exact) we’ve pre-prepared a celebratory post to mark our two year blogiversary! Continue reading

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We Aren’t That Frugal

I recently listened to a great podcast interviewing The Mad Fientist.

Usually, it’s the Mad Fientist doing the interviewing. We really enjoy his podcast, but it was great to get to know him a little better and find out his thoughts on this early retirement journey.

Continue reading

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Monthly Savings Rate – November 2017

Poopsie and I had an incredibly busy November.

Continue reading

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An Aussie Christmas


For some, it is the most joyous time of the year and for others, it can be very stress-inducing. It should be an end of year cleebration, a chance to take stock, relax and enjoy with family and friends. However, it can quickly turn into turmoil over how much to spend on presents and wondering how on Earth the credit card will be paid off. The average Australian credit card debt after Christmas is $1666 with a whopping 82% of people taking up to six months to pay it off and 18% taking even longer!

If you are stressing in the lead up to Christmas and aren’t sure how to go about having a fabulous time and not getting credit card hangover, look no further. Six Aussie bloggers are sharing how they celebrate Christmas in a frugal and fun way. Continue reading

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