Retiring to a Better Life

I read a fair few early retirement blogs and when my favourite bloggers do a podcast interview, I listen to that as well (and of course, I listen to every episode of Aussie FIREBug).

So I think it would be fair to say that I know a reasonable amount about the FIRE movement and its concepts. Continue reading

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Back To Your Regularly Scheduled AWP

Between our blog break in 2019 and a hectic start to 2020, we haven’t been very consistent posters here at AWP.

In our earlier days, we would publish a blog post almost every single Wednesday. Continue reading

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Our 2019 Savings Rate and What’s Ahead for 2020

Like most people, we can’t believe it’s 2020!

2019 was an exciting year for us, but we spent a lot of it not blogging. The break was a good one and helped us to re-establish our goals and what part we want to play in the Australian FIRE community. Continue reading

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The Australian Blogger Interview Series: Aussie HIFIRE

Welcome to The Australian Blogger Interview Series.

We noticed the Australian personal finance community growing, mostly through our interactions on Twitter and we wanted to continue to foster this great camaraderie. We’ve reached out to as many Australian personal finance bloggers as we could and asked them to participate in our interview series. If you have any favourite Australian personal finance bloggers, tell us about them in the comments below and we’ll invite them to participate.

Next up: Aussie HIFIRE

Continue reading

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We bought a(nother) house

In 2019, around about the time we went on a blog hiatus, Poopsie and I bought a house.

A recent dinner in our front courtyard

We bought in Canberra, in a great suburb and we absolutely love our new place. This was definitely our BIG news of 2019. Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and we wish everyone a very happy 2020!

As you’re reading this, we are on a flight home from Singapore. We spent Christmas in Singapore with my sister, her husband and my three year old nephew. We had a wonderful time and we will make sure to do a Where We’ve Travelled sometime soon. Continue reading

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Missing: Our Motivation

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you may remember we set ourselves a retirement date of the 1st of July, 2023 (there’s a countdown to that date in the sidebar).

We did admit more recently that the goal of 2023 was now off the table and we still haven’t set ourselves a new goal. I forgot, however, that back when we did set our retirement date, I added some Google Calendar events to our shared calendars – a countdown if you will. Continue reading

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Going Backwards into Happiness

What is the ultimate goal of pursuing financial independence and/or early retirement?

For us, that goal is happiness. Continue reading

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Has Early Retirement reduced my resilience?

It’s no secret here on the blog that I have not been enjoying my new job.

I might not like my job, but we love Canberra

In mid-2018, I moved out of the public service into the private sector. I’d been in the same department for 12.5 years, the only job I’ve had as an adult. It was time to make a change though, and while I don’t regret doing that, I have not enjoyed the new company I’ve worked at. Continue reading

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Remaining a Two Car Family

Are you a long time reader here at Adventures with Poopsie?

Do you remember when we became a one car family? What about when we returned to being a two car family? Continue reading

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