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How to Put Your Finances on Autopilot

One of the biggest misconceptions about personal finance seems to be that it is complicated and takes a lot of work. However, by putting your finances on autopilot, it actually takes very little effort to create a sound financial future … Continue reading

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Where We’ve Travelled: Ithaca

We left Ottawa and crossed the border back into the United States, into the state of New York to be exact. We had about a five hour drive ahead of us and we ended up stopping in a town called … Continue reading

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Expense Report- February 2017

We had a great February, achieving our second highest savings rate ever! We had some bills, some unexpected expenses and a weekend away- but still managed to save a lot. That’s exactly what we’re aiming for in 2017.

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The Australian Blogger Interview Series: Jake from Australian Dividend Investor

Welcome to The Australian Blogger Interview Series.

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Investing with Vanguard Australia

For a number of years now, I have been an investor with Vanguard Australia. I have been meaning to write a post about this for a long time. When a new reader, Jane, requested information about Vanguard, she prompted me … Continue reading

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Expense Report- January 2017

2017 is off to a great start. Despite thinking we had been pretty spendy this month, we managed a savings rate of over 50%! We are pretty happy with that. We are hoping to achieve a much higher savings rate … Continue reading

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Not Everything We Try Works Out

Many of you will remember back in April, we announced we were moving to Brisbane to be closer to Poopsie’s children. We were able to secure transfers at work and were all settled in at the beginning of May. While … Continue reading

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Poopsie’s Adventures in DIY: Refinishing the Dining Room Table

Welcome to what we hope will become another series here on the blog, in addition to our Where We’ve Travelled series. Poopsie’s Adventures in DIY will chronicle exactly that, Poopsie doing some DIY around the house. Technically we could classify … Continue reading

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Our 2016 Savings Rate and What’s Ahead for 2017

Every month, we detail our expenses*. While we list the dollar amount we have spent, we don’t give out information about our combined earnings. However, in our own private spreadsheets, we track our savings rate very closely. For us, it’s … Continue reading

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Expense Report- December 2016

We are back after our short Christmas hiatus. We hope everyone enjoyed the break and wish everyone a very Happy 2017! For us, December was a spendy month!

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