The Aussie FIRE eBook

Recently, The Aussie FIRE eBook was released by Pearler.

Pearler was started by three Australian friends who wanted to set up an easy to use source of information and products for Australians on the journey to financial independence. They came up with the idea of producing an eBook about FIRE.

Our friend Michelle from Frugality and Freedom worked with Pearler to collate an eBook featuring Australian centric FIRE advice from top Australian bloggers. Michelle graciously invited us to participate however, due to other commitments at the time, we were unable to do so.

But, we have certainly enjoyed the final product. Many of the bloggers featured have been interviewed on our blog including Dave from Strong Money Australia, Miss Balance from All About Balance and Aussie Firebug.

The eBook is free to download. Head to Pearler’s website and sign up to receive the free download and then get reading. Congratulations to all who participated – let’s hope the FIRE movement continues to spread down under!

Have you read the Aussie FIRE eBook? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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