A Visit to Frugality and Freedom

We’ve had a hectic week, which is nothing compared to the week the world has had.

In welcome news following our last post, Poopsie has been working from home all week. I have been allowed to work from home two days this week, but have had to be in the office the other three days. I continue to try and convince my workplace that those of us who can work from should work from home.

We haven’t written a proper post this week. I struggled to think of what I could write about that didn’t seem enormously trivial in the current climate. I came up with nothing.

However, many weeks ago, we were invited to guest curate an edition of the Aus FI Weekly over at Frugality and Freedom and it came out this week.

Michelle runs this fantastic series, showcasing Australian FI Bloggers. Many of our own Australian Blogger Interview Series participants have been featured in her series (and Michelle will be in a future interview in our series).

So, if you need a break from the constant news cycle, pop on over to Michelle’s blog and check out her series – be sure to start with the post we guest curated!

Hot Tip: Michelle is currently in self-isolation at her parents’ house in Adelaide after returning from New Zealand recently. Head over to her Twitter account to see how her mum is providing her with quarantine room service. It will warm your heart and, if you’re like me, make you demand better service from your own mother for your next visit!


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2 Responses to A Visit to Frugality and Freedom

  1. Thanks for stopping by and curating the latest Australian FI Weekly enews. It was great to have you for edition 30!

    Haha, yes, I’m being spoiled with my daily meals and notes from Mum – makes the confinement to my old bedroom more bearable while on this self-isolation. No virus symptoms so hopefully it’s a smooth 14 days. I’ll let Mum know she has some fans!

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