Where We’ve Travelled: Royal Davui

As you would have read in our last post, Poopsie and I got married in January 2018. We had a wonderful day and fortunately, kept our costs pretty low.

We made up for that with our honeymoon.

Many years ago, a friend of mine told me about the amazing trip she’d taken to Royal Davui, an island resort in Fiji. I was single at the time and I remember sending the link to my best friend and suggested we go there one day. We never did get around to it but it was always somewhere I had on my list.

Poopsie and I thought about going to Paris for our honeymoon but, given we got married in January, we didn’t really wanted to spend a few weeks freezing cold. We were unsure about Royal Davui because it is expensive, there is no denying that. Eventually we decided that neither of us intended to have a honeymoon again, so it was worth the expense to us.

The island features just 16 vales (small villas) and is an adults only resort. This was a real drawcard as there is nothing I like less than spending a lot of money to be at a resort and enjoy the pool, only to be constantly splashed by screaming children.

The cost covers the plane transfer, the boat transfer and all meals. Most of the activities including stand up paddle boarding, snorkelling and sailing are also included. All drinks and alcohol are extra, as are spa treatments.

We flew into Suva and spent the night at an airport hotel. I was very unimpressed with the hotel but thankfully, it was just one night. The next morning, we went back to the airport and caught a chartered plane to another area of Fiji. We then boarded a small boat and arrived at Royal Davui.

Our boat approaching Royal Davui

We were greeted by the resort managers, a middle-aged American couple. We walked up the jetty with them into the foyer of the resort and were welcomed with a song performed by the staff of the resort. The Fijian people are so kind and friendly and we instantly felt welcome.

We were taken up to the restaurant where we were greeted with a delicious tropical drink and cool towels to place on the back of our necks (it was quite hot). A steward took us through the paperwork we needed to complete and explained everything to us. We were escorted to our vale and delighted to find a congratulatory message inside for us.

Our vale was lovely. Every vale has its own private plunge pool and balcony. There is a communal pool which everyone can use, and we did, but we spent most of our time in our own plunge pool.

The food served was absolutely delicious. You can view a sample menu here. All meals were three courses and there was always enough variety that we could find something we liked.

You could opt to have meals served on your private balcony. With that view, why wouldn’t you!

We went snorkelling, stand up paddle boarding and participated in a traditional Kava ceremony. We spent a lot of time in our plunge pool and a lot of time reading on the deck and on the beach. I got a facial at the spa and thoroughly enjoyed it.

That’s Poopsie snorkelling. I took this photo from the balcony of our vale.

There were other activities on offer that we didn’t participate in, such as a fishing expedition (which I think cost extra) and a visit to a local village. We were there to relax, enjoy our newlywed time and eat… that’s right, we spent a lot of time eating.

Our honeymoon was absolutely fabulous. We would go back in a heartbeat and have already decided we will return for our five year anniversary. It was a lot of money, but we both feel it was worth every cent and we could not have picked a more perfect place to spend our honeymoon.

Check out the Royal Davui website for up to date prices and if you have any questions, be sure to as them in the comment section below.

Did you go on a honeymoon? Where did you go? Share with us in the comment section below!


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