Blog Hiatus

It is with sadness that I announce Adventures with Poopsie will be going on hiatus.

As many of you know, Poopsie and I have recently started new jobs which have proven to be exceptionally busy and taxing on our time. We have also had recent discussions that may see us redirecting our life plan, focusing more on what’s important to us.

As we go through this busy time and change, I can’t dedicate the time to the blog that I deem necessary.

I definitely plan to return to blogging but for now, a break is needed. I will still be using Twitter and occasionally checking in on Instagram, so feel free to stay in touch there if you like. Our email address also remains active.

I don’t want to put a timeframe on when I will return, as there’s much to figure out and likely to be a lot of change in the coming months. I will be back though!

Thank you for reading and I hope you will continue to do so when we return.

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7 Responses to Blog Hiatus

  1. Mrs. ETT says:

    When I say “oh no!”, it’s purely from a selfish point of view. We miss you already . However, having just discovered that blogging takes up about 6 hours a week, I understand. I bet you are feeling relieved. I’m so glad that we got to the point where we can catch up IRL!

    We will still be here whenever you decide to return. Enjoy the time xxx

  2. I will miss you, but will catch you on the Twitter! I think taking the time to do what you need to do and reassess is important.

  3. Pia says:

    I hear you on the hiatus! I keep saying, it’s time to come back, but then it turns out life always has different ideas. Don’t worry, the readers who care will still be here when you are back!

  4. Wait…what??? I feel like I just met my new friend in Australia! But I also completely understand how an encore voyage can change in a heartbeat, and I am always, always, always going to advise to you follow your heart and do what makes you happy. In the meantime, I’ll still be hanging around the blogosphere, waiting for you to catch us up when you return! Happy voyages! ~ Lynn

  5. Ozstache says:

    That’s sad but understandable. I look forward to reading more adventures with Poopsie sometime in the not too distant future. Take care, both of you!

  6. Miss Balance says:

    I completely understand that crazy work feeling!

    It’ll be sad not to get regular updates here – though hopefully still see you around on Twitter and IRL 🙂

    Take care of you both.


  7. Ashley says:

    I’ll miss your stories! I do hope you’ll keep in touch on instagram. I’m so excited for you and Poopsie while you take on the challenges of a new city and new jobs.
    I believe the ability to pivot -as the only constant in life is change- guarantees you’ll end up in a wonderful happily ever after whatever that may look like for you two (early retirement? A life of travel? A house full of puppies!)

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