The Power of Community

We have recently written quite a bit about financial community- here and here.

Recently, the wonder of our online community showed itself again.Poopsie and I both began new jobs this year and without a doubt, they have severely impacted our free time. A consequence of that is that I don’t have as much time anymore to write blog posts. I already missed one week this year, where I just did not have the time to put together a post. I am hoping I won’t miss anymore, but I can’t make any promises.

In the last week of February, I had a post scheduled for publishing. I’d written about half of that post last year, but finally finished it and scheduled it to release at 7pm on Wednesday, 28th of February.

It did, as planned. However, that night my parents also arrived for a visit. I didn’t get a chance to Tweet out the new blog post and then the next day, Thursday, I worked from 7am until 5.30pm. This may not seem like particularly arduous hours to many but considering I usually start work just before 8am and finish by 4.30pm, it was a long day. By the looks of things, my blog post was not going to be tweeted out.

So imagine my surprise when the lovely Mrs. Adventure Rich tweeted it out for me!

I was so grateful she took the time to tweet about our blog post. This meant more people saw that it was out, and not only did the post get plenty of reads but it also got some comments from people who had never commented before.

The online personal finance community truly is wonderful. Even when we don’t have the time or energy to promote ourselves, our wonderful fellow bloggers inadvertently do it for us!

Thanks Mrs. Adventure Rich! We so appreciate your support!

Have you got any stories about the wonderful personal finance community? Share them in the comments below!


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