Monthly Savings Rate- July 2017

Straight off the high of a 62% Savings Rate in June, we entered July…

And promptly fell flat on our faces.

We had anย incredibly expensive month. And there doesn’t even appear to be any major reason for it.

We started experimenting with farmer’s markets this month. While we think this will prove to be a cheaper option for us, we were experimenting this month and may have got a little bit carried away. Poopsie tends to go a little nutty at farmer’s markets so we’ll definitely need to reign that in. We also stocked up on Poopsie’s protein powder and spent almost $150 on alcohol (not all consumed this month mind you).

We spent an awful lot on gifts this month. We like to be generous with our friends and family but even I was surprised with the over $200 we spent! Eating out was also expensive this month. We enjoyed a lovely lunch at a winery, had fish and chips with Poopsie’s family and also got take away a couple of times.

We took a few trips to visit both of our families this month, which means petrol was a little more expensive than usual. We also had a globe blow in our headlight. Poopsie purchased a new one and then fixed it in the comfort of our garage. I love how handy he is!

Poopsie fixing the headlight.

We both did our taxes this month which meant paying our accountant’s a hefty sum! We also purchased tickets to the October Bledisloe Cup match. We’ve been planning to attend this game all year so once tickets went on sale, we pounced.

Finally, in October I am heading to Melbourne for a weekend for my best friend’s Hen’s Weekend. I am her Maid of Honour, so it’s definitely not something I want to miss. I booked my flights, paid for the hotel and also purchased a ticket (and paid for part of the brides) to seeย Aladdin. It will be a fabulous weekend, I can’t wait.

So without further delay, our July savings rate…

Not our finest month, that is for sure. We didn’t spend money on anything that we don’t value, but it’s still a shock to see a drop of over 20%!

I may also go a little crazy at the Farmer’s Markets… on flowers

Hopefully we can improve on this in August!

What was your July savings rate like? Share in the comments below!


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12 Responses to Monthly Savings Rate- July 2017

  1. Team CF says:

    Ha, same with us. Super month of June and it tanked in July….rooting for August already. Best of luck!
    But, $150 on booze? That’s a lot of beer ๐Ÿ˜‰ Guess you bought something else?

  2. That’s a very decent savings rate despite the reduction. Farmers markets are such a great place to shop, but at least in my area it helps to go in with an idea of the supermarket prices. Freshness aside (which is sometimes totally worth the premium) some produce can be way more pricey at the farmers market than the store. Then again, discounts can be awesome, especially if you go soon before the closing time, when things seem to get discounted!

    Pretty impressed Poopsie can change a light globe in a modern car! It’s a dying art – I hope his hands didn’t get banged up!

    • Thanks Wealth from Thirty. His hands were fine and it didn’t take him too long to do. I’m sure with a YouTube video, even I could have done it.

      Good point about comparing prices. We have been surprised that it has worked out cheaper, but even if it hadn’t, we’d still be going because we have just been so blown away by the freshness. There is a definite taste difference and to us, that’s worth it!

  3. I’m impressed that Poopsie changed your blown headlight! We had both our headlights blow recently within a few months of each other – quite annoying. The first one was perfectly timed when we needed to get the car serviced anyway, so we hit 2 birds with one stone.. But the second time I had to make a trip to the mechanic especially for it – we are definitely not handy like Poopsie is and getting a mechanic to do it is a luxury we are happy to pay for!

    Great savings rate guys, even if it is a reasonable reduction from your normal. It is a fantastic result nonetheless.

    Mrs DDU

  4. Mrs. ETT says:

    Hopefully as the novelty wears off Poopsie will be able to restrain himself from overspending on fresh fruit and vegetables! (I just amused myself with that sentence.) How often are the Farmers Markets held?

    Your alcohol was like ours, and I wasn’t even drinking! Like you said, at least it will last beyond the month it was purchased in. I will also grudgingly admit that it’s probably better to pay a little more for decent alcohol (except for my Aldi wine. Perfectly good for $2.69)

    Mr. ETT changed a globe in my car as well. Unfortunately one of the plastic clips had perished, so it snapped. We have implemented a MacGyver solution because otherwise we need to replace the entire headlight unit. We really should be scoping used car yards for a replacement, but…

    I love going on girls weekends. We can only do it once every 2 or 3 years now, which is a shame. Every time I get back I feel like all is right in the world. Those ladies refresh my soul, even when I didn’t realise I needed it.

    Seeing a drop in your Savings Rate might suck, but it’s just one month, life happens, and it’s still 39%! That’s four times as much as the average decent saver. Although it all added up, there wasn’t anything especially excessive. You’re living life and that is more important than a number.

    • The markets are weekly. We are loving them! I think we have reigned it in now, although it will be interesting if I send Poopsie without me. He might go a little cray cray!

      As we are in QLD, no alcohol is sold in supermarkets. Coles and Woolies usually have their branded bottle shop right next door, but Aldi don’t do that. Which means, we can’t purchase any Aldi alcohol. That will be a good thing about heading South next year, we’ll be able to check out this Aldi alcohol you recommend!

      I’m impressed you found a MacGyver fix. Well done!

      Thanks for the reassurance. You (and the other commenters) are right, it’s still a great result.

  5. A drop of 20% but it’s still 39%! Great job, you guys!

    We also tend to go a bit crazy at markets, I mean, how can you say no to fresh produce? These days, when we go, we only have enough cash so we can control our spending. It works that way. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope you enjoy Melbourne in October!

  6. Pia says:

    Even with a drop, that is still a rather impressive figure. And to be honest, I think any savings is better than none at all. Plus, you didn’t splurge it all on.. oh I don’t know, a pair of designer shoes, or something. You spent it on present and future experiences that will enrich your lives. So, hooray for you both, I think!

    I love farmers markets – I get a bit carried away too! But luckily these days better willpower is exercised. Phew!

    I’m a bit wary of how my savings rate for August will look actually. I’ve had 2 good months now, so I feel like this good streak can’t last forever!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Pia. You’re right, it’s still better than nothing! We definitely need to remember that when we get a bit disappointed.

      We are getting better with the Farmer’s Market. I think it was just the initial few weeks we were a bit taken with everything!

      I hope your streak continues, good luck!

  7. Miss Balance says:

    Beautiful flowers. I also go a little crazy at farmers markets and reading the comments above this seems to be a common theme. I love fresh food and like to get creative in the kitchen and I feel good about supporting local farmers.

    Reading through your month you still have a good savings rate, and have so many experiences to look forward to as well!

    If you really wanted to cut back you could look at the gifts and eating out sections and see if you could still achieve the feeling without the cost -but that depends on how much you really want it. For me, I love giving gifts as well, however I also enjoy stocking up on items on sale and getting creative about how to package a gift to look nicer without the price tag. I also often add in baked goodies which can be frugal but meaningful.

    I look forward to seeing August figures ๐Ÿ™‚

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