Monthly Savings Rate- June 2017

June flew by.

I was on my own this month for three weeks, as Poopsie was on a work trip in a remote Northern Territory town. Fortunately, he was fed all of his meals and this resulted in a reduced grocery expenditure- obviously he is the one who tips our grocery bills over the edge!

This month was actually a three pay cheque month! We always like when that happens. As a result, we got a higher than usual savings rate which we’re very pleased about.

Our electricity, gas and water bill were all due this month, totalling a little over $700. We still pay more for our gas supply charge than we do our usage and this continues to bug me.

Obviously with an extra pay cheque comes an extra child support payment. Poopsie also bought tickets to the third State of Origin game for himself and his son. Given it’s a deciding match, the tickets wereΒ very expensive. However, we believe in spending money on things we care about and attending an exciting match with his son is one of those for Poopsie.

As Poopsie was in a remote part of the Northern Territory, Optus coverage was patchy. We love Jeenee Mobile, but they do use Optus towers. Poopsie spent about $15 at Woolworths to get one of their sims which uses Telstra towers. It was well worth the money as we were still able to talk and text during his time away.

Finally, we spent a little bit on eating out, clothing (underwear and some gym leggings for me) and gifts. My dad turns 60 in July and my three siblings and I split a gift for him. It cost each of us $50. Last night my parents came over for a birthday celebration and he thoroughly enjoyed his cake and presents!

Without further ado, our savings rate for June 2017:

This wouldn’t have been doable this month without that extra pay cheque. We did get the same savings rate back in February on just two pay cheques, so we can do it- we just need to watch our spending!

What was your savings rate in June? Do you usually do better or worse?Β 

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14 Responses to Monthly Savings Rate- June 2017

  1. “We still pay more for our gas supply charge than we do our usage and this continues to bug me.”

    !! So good to hear it’s not just me who hates this! Living with a former girlfriend we’d get the bill for water, $100-200 supply charge and $24 in usage. Sheesh.

    Great savings rate this month. I’m looking forward to the final State of Origin match too although not able to see it in person, I’ll head to my brothers and watch it on his TV!

  2. Pia says:

    We spend more on supply than usage for water too, and it’s just all kinds of AARGGH! Well done on your savings rate. Mine was 43%, if you include investments then it’s 44% also thanks to the 3 paycheques month. I know it’s not going to be quite this much next month. But I’m going to try anyways!

  3. That is one awesome savings rate! We don’t track ours as it would be a sad looking figure. Most of our money goes to our investment property loans though and they have all gone up in value so I guess that is some consolation.

    If I did not have to feed hubby we would save so much on food haha.

  4. LadyFIRE says:

    Water is insane right! $200+ bill, with a measly $20-30 for usage. I mean, I love having clean drinking water and working sewerage but what the heck! Knowing I pay the same amount for sewerage as someone who is flushing sixteen times a day irks me

  5. Miss Balance says:

    Amazing savings rate!! You guys are smashing it πŸ˜€
    There isn’t enough competition in Aus to get many of those bills down unfortunately. Though I’m not sure how multiple water suppliers would work…
    You could always move to an apartment if you don’t want to pay water pros and cons I guess.

  6. Oooh, that’s a great savings rate! Our utilities were also up this winter, we paid about the same this month. It’s crazy, but we do use a lot of electricity during winter (clothes dryer) and gas is a given. And I know what you mean about the Optus network. I’m with Vaya and they use the same. The reception isn’t that great when you go to the countryside. :/

    The deciding match was a good game. The tickets would be worth all the money! Well, depends on which team they are supporting. πŸ™‚

    Happy birthday to your dad!

    • Fortunately for Poopsie, he is a QLD supporter. But his son is a NSW supporter, so didn’t have as much fun.

      I have never noticed a particular difference between our winter and summer electricity bills- but I am sure there is one. I might pull out some old records and check.

  7. Kind of loved reading through the comments and seeing how many other people mentioned the supply charge vs usage rate, it just goes to show the kind of people the Australian PF community are!

    Last time I shopped around for our utilities I made it my mission to find the lowest supply charge to usage rate ratio. So many of the utility companies advertise massive deals.. but those only work for people who spend A LOT on usage, the supply charges for those “deals” are often the worst! For us we got the best deal of supply charge with AGL (pretty surprising, would think they would be one of the most expensive).

    Massive savings rate! Smashed it. 3 pay months are the best.

    Mrs DDU

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