Our American Trip

As you’re reading this, we are in the United States of America on a three week holiday.

I have set up posts to automatically update while we are away, but I thought you’d be interested in the trip we are taking.

In December 2015, some very dear friends of ours moved to Washington D.C as part of their job. We were very sad to see them go. Before I had met Poopsie, I had practically lived with this family. I was a regular baby-sitter of their children and spent many evenings and weekends spending time with them all. When Poopsie came along, he too became apart of this little extended family.

Newcastle- where we spent most of our time with these friends.

Newcastle- where we spent most of our time with these friends.

We immediately started making plans to go and visit them. We were able to find discounted Qantas flights to New York City. Knowing it was only a short flight or train ride to Washington D.C, we booked them. We decided to spend three weeks away from home: two weeks with our friends and one week in New York City. I have been to NYC twice and loved it. Poopsie has never been and I wanted to show him around.

We figured this would be a pretty frugal trip. Yes, NYC was expensive and flights, while discounted, are still expensive from Australia. But, for the two weeks in Washington D.C, we would be staying and eating with our friends and utilising all of the free tourist spots around the city.

Plans change.

Our friends contacted us and said they were intending to do a road trip up to Canada at the end of the summer. They said that if we were interested, we could go along with them. We definitely were.

Here’s the map of the road trip we are on as the blog post is being published:

Road trip Map_Page_1

We will follow this up with a couple of days in Washington D.C, seeing as much as we can. We’ll then take the train to NYC and spend a week there.

Whilst in NYC, we have tickets to the baseball, dinner reservations at Blue Hill, tickets to the U.S Open and a myriad of other activities we found to do for free! It’ll be a great week.

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11 Responses to Our American Trip

  1. Mrs. ETT says:

    How exciting, and aside from the hit to frugality, a win/win for you. You still get to spend time with friends, still get to do New York, but you also now get to do a road trip into another country. Hope you are having a wonderful time, will go and check out your Instagram.

  2. This sounds amazingly awesome! I love the idea of just randomly changing your plans to include a bit of Canada. Sometimes it’s worth it for the life experiences, you guys must be having a blast. It’s really nice of you to go all that way to the USA to see your friends again.


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