Down and Out

We are down and out here in the Poopsie household. I have been sick since last Friday and today, finally managed to drag myself out of bed and back to work… but Poopsie came home from work today with my sickness. It’s a vicious cycle.


So this week, there won’t be our usual new post, but I encourage you to check out some of our old posts if you haven’t read them.

Let us re-introduce ourselves to you. Learn about our plan for the future and our number one piece of advice for retiring early.


If it’s the travel stories you come here for, read about my trip to Tasmania, followed up by the wonderful time I spent in Vietnam.

And if all else fails, read about and look at some mouth watering pictures of pizza. Mmmm.


Tune in next week for your regularly scheduled Adventures with Poopsie!

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  1. Mrs. ETT says:

    Sorry to hear that, you two. Get well soon.

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