Expense Report- June 2016

Another month down. June was a fairly high spend month for us, but it was also a three pay cheque month which is nice.

I got a speeding ticket. Yep. I feel quite awful about it, particularly as it came in at almost $160! That money would be much better off in our pocket rather than the governments! We hopefully did the last of the adjustments we needed to make from moving states (car registration and insurance), so our car costs should start to come down.

Amazingly we had a very low eating out month but groceries were still a little bit high. We made some more bookings and payments for our upcoming USA trip. Unfortunately, there will be a few more payments coming out next month as well.

Here’s how we did:

Internet$119.60For some reason we were billed twice for our internet this month. Once on the 1st of June and once on the 30th of June. We are looking into this and will ensure we haven't overpaid.
Utilities$96.00Trying to keep the usage down. We have only used the heater once since we moved, and that was only to make some guests more comfortable.
Groceries$485.33This is fairly low for us, but still not as low as we want to go. We'd like to be closer to $400 a month.
Car Costs$1,391.23Wow! Huge. This does include a speeding ticket that I received. Also, about $500 in changing over our vehicle registration and paying a year of insurance up front. This cost should start to come down.
Kids (child support, school fees, etc.)$2,119.62There were three pay cheques in June, which means we paid child support three times instead of the usual two, which account for some of this inflated number. We also spent around $500 on some services which were non-negotiable as far as we see.
Household$86.47We purchased a few things for the home, one of which cost an awful lot ($60!) but should last us for about three years.
Miscellaneous$44.85We needed a certified document from the government and this is how much they charged us!
Eating Out$33.00Very low. Not sure what happened here but I am stoked about it!
Entertainment$11.99A Kindle purchase. We tried every other way to obtain the book but in the end, decided to make the purchase.
Travel$672.87We booked some internal flights for our upcoming US Trip, got our Visa and purchased tickets to the US Open which we are very excited about!
Gifts/Donations$82.81Seemed to be a month of engagements, promotions and baby announcements amongst our close friends.

How did you do with your spending in June?

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2 Responses to Expense Report- June 2016

  1. Mrs. ETT says:

    Ouch about the speeding ticket. On a brighter note, I think it’s good that payments for your holiday slowly come out over a few months – it’s not such a big shock! We’re off for a short Tassie break soon, and it was pleasing to realise that we have pre-paid over half of our costs already. Less of a hit on the budget when we go, and I’ll feel better about the money that we spend enjoying ourselves while we are there.

    Our June budget was same old same old, still spending too much on food, but there was a $200 improvement over May, so at least that’s something.

    • Awesome job on the $200 improvement. Oooooh Tassie, I love it! Make sure you look at my Tasmania posts before you go for some great places to visit. I had such a nice time. I am probably heading back in December for a wedding and it will be Poopsie’s first time. Probably just a weekend trip, but I can’t wait!

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