Mmmm Pizza

I know very few people who don’t like pizza. There’s just something about the delicious crust, the gooey cheese and the wide range of other ingredients you can put on it.

Poopsie and I are no different. Before I met him and for the very beginning of our relationship, ordering pizza from Pizza Hut was what we usually did. This averaged 1-2 times a month and cost around $25 each time. And in no uncertain terms was it even remotely healthy.

Potato and olive pizza.

Potato and olive pizza.

Fast forward to our newer, healthier and much more frugal selves, we still want to be able to enjoy pizza often.

Our solution: homemade pizza.

I’m not saying I had never made homemade pizza before, because I had. I thought I’d come up with a genius way of using wraps as the base. However, they’re pretty pricey as well.

May not look fantastic, but it tastes excellent.

May not look fantastic, but it tastes excellent.

Poopsie is a wonderful cook and probably does about 90% of our cooking. While he would eat my wrap-based pizzas, he didn’t particularly enjoy them. One week, he whipped up some dough and rolled out pizza bases. They were delicious and we have never looked back.

Each time he makes the dough, he has enough for roughly eight balls that will eventually be rolled out into a pizza base. For the balls of dough we aren’t using that night, we wrap them in cling wrap and freeze them. Next time we want to have pizza, we defrost the ball and within a very short period of time, are munching away.

By far, our best pizza yet!

By far, our best pizza yet!

This has saved us a lot of money as the flour, water, salt, sugar, olive oil and yeast used to make the dough are all extremely inexpensive. We’ve experimented with a few different toppings, but none of them are particularly expensive.

Unfortunately, it may not have gone a long way in improving our health. Yes, our pizzas are definitely healthier than the Pizza Hut alternatives but, they’re so easy to make and so delicious, we have probably almost doubled our pizza consumption!

I’m certainly not complaining.

Do you have treats that you make at home to save money?

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5 Responses to Mmmm Pizza

  1. Mrs. ETT says:

    I don’t have any treats I make, but we are at the place where any sort of meal we cook at home is still considered almost a treat. We have noticed that now we aren’t getting takeaway all the time, and have become used to better food, that most takeaway just really doesn’t taste as good, or is as healthy as, home cooked. Who would have thought?! Kudos for the home-made dough, I am a fan of using pita bread for bases, but I think we’ve established that laziness plays a large part of my cooking style

  2. Mrs. ETT says:

    That is exactly me too! Yay for cheap eats with no effort… until the freezer stocks run low. Poopsie will simply have to return before then

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