Small Indulgences

Everyone spends their money on different things. While I certainly encourage frugality, that doesn’t mean I know what is right for each person to spend their hard earned money on. I certainly don’t.

What might seem incredibly wasteful to me, could be the most important thing someone else spends on, and vice versa. For example, I spend money on flowers and the likes of MMM, the Frugalwoods and maybe you, would probably not do the same.


I love flowers. In my opinion, nothing brightens up a room or a table like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. My favourites are roses and tulips, but really, I appreciate all flowers.

Quite often, I buy them for myself. I rarely spend over about $10, but they are worth every cent to me. Occasionally, Poopsie surprises me with a bouquet.

Version 2

Poopsie sent these to me while I was travelling. As I didn’t have a vase, I had to put them in a saucepan. That didn’t diminish how much I loved them!

While I certainly agree with MMM that a millionaire is made ten bucks at a time, I still willingly spend my money on flowers. Why?

As I said, I find them beautiful and think they light up a room. Relatively speaking, they’re a small expense but have a lasting impact.

Poopsie and I are fairly frugal and we feel 100% convinced that the frugal path toward early retirement is the right one for us. But that doesn’t mean for a second that we don’t face temptation. While we both accept that spending itself does not bring happiness, we also believe that sometimes things that make you happy do cost money.


Good Friday lunch tastes better with flowers nearby.

If we were in any kind of debt, we would certainly not be spending $10-$20 a month on flowers. But as we are debt free and well on our way to early retirement, this is an expense we’re both more than happy with.

What small indulgences do you have? Does it help you keep temptation at bay?

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