Expense Report- March 2016

Another month down! Where has the year gone already? It’s once again time to reveal our spending, this time for the month of March!

We had a very, very big bill this month of almost $5000 for Poopsie’s children’s school fees. That certainly hurt a little bit, but it’s a once a year payment and fairly necessary!

We also paid the last of our lawyer’s bill and I had to get my car serviced. We also started spending for our upcoming removal, which we have decided we will do ourselves (more details to come!)

So without further ado, here are our March expenses:

Rent$2,182.25We pay our rent on Friday and it seems there was an extra Friday this month, so an extra payment.
Internet$49.95One of the cheapest providers we have found.
Groceries$363.55We worked really hard during March to get this down and we succeeded! It was almost $200 cheaper than February!
Car Costs$962.65This month it was my car that had to be serviced. Poopsie also registered his car on Car Sales which has a fee.
Kids$6,378.78Huge! Almost $5000 of this was annual school fees.
Mobile$43.31Low, just the way we like it. This is for both our phones.
Household$6.50We had plans to go camping with my brother and sister-in-law. We only had one camping chair so purchased another one. Unfortunately, now that we're moving, we can't go.
Miscellaneous$521.77The final instalment of the lawyer's bill.
Eating Out$83.50With moving away comes catching up to say goodbye to friends. This will likely continue in early-April but then we should get back on track.
Clothing$4.46I used a gift card that was about to expire and this was the extra amount on top of it.
Travel$130.00I purchased flights to visit my sister in July as she will then be very heavily pregnant.
Gifts/Donations$56.02Almost all of this was gifts.
Removal$26.00I thought it would be good to track our removal costs. I purchased two reams of packing paper.

What do you think of our expenses? Where can we cut back? How did you go with your March spending?

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