We’re on the move!

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed the posts here have been a little bit less frequent.

Poopsie and I have been very busy lately, sorting out… a move!

Yes, that’s right, we are moving. I only moved to Newcastle a couple of months ago, finally reuniting us in the same city. However, plans can change, and often at short notice!

Poopsie has three children who live with their mother in Brisbane. He sees them as much as he can, but as Newcastle and Brisbane are an eight hour drive apart, this is usually only on school holidays. One of his children is having some issues, of which Poopsie is powerless to influence from such a distance.

As such, we have decided to relocate to Brisbane. Fortunately for us, our employer has been excellent and have agreed to let us work remotely from our Brisbane offices.

Poopsie is actually moving up this weekend, so he can commence being with his children immediately. I will follow in the next month or so. While he is up there, Poopsie will be looking for a place to live and once he has found that, we will commence sorting out our removal and then I will move up.

Big changes are coming but we’re both quite excited. We will really miss Newcastle, but family comes first. We’re so appreciative of our employers who have made this transition seamless for us. As we progress on the move, I will continue to keep you updated!

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