Our Favourite Expat Chats

As you will know if you’ve read Our Plan, we are hoping to retire early and pursue a life of full-time travel.

We decided this after stumbling across the podcast The Expat Chat. Tony Argyle interviews people who have given up their day jobs for a life of travel. The majority interviewed still need to earn a living to fund their travels but they have figured out a way to do this on the road, many referring to themselves as digital nomads.

I highly recommend you give them all a listen to, but if you only have time for a few, here are our favourites (if you click on their name, it will take you directly to their podcast interview):

Brendan Lee

Bren is a Kiwi but don’t hold that against him. After a few days working as an accountant, he decided he didn’t want to work for the rest of his life in an uninspiring job. He began to concoct a plan to leave after his four year contract was up and commence a life of travel.

Bren saved up to 50% of his income, displaying some serious Mustachian traits. Once his contract was up, he left and has been travelling ever since. He returns to New Zealand for about four months over Christmas each year to work predominantly as a freelance writer and to earn enough to head off for the following year.

Bren’s podcast was incredibly inspiring to both Poopsie and I. It was after listening to his that we decided to go for it. Bren also has a great blog called Bren on the Road which I recommend you check out.

Duncan and Jane Dempster Smith

If you’re a little bit older, perhaps have already had a long career and are ready to pack up and head travelling, Duncan and Jane can help.

These two cater to baby boomers, helping them make the decision to pack up and take off. Their blog is full of great resources and their interview was funny and inspirational.

The Wagoners

I don’t have children and we don’t intend to travel with Poopsie’s children (they’ll be all grown up), but for anyone with children and considering a life of travel, the Wagoner’s podcast is for you.

They moved to Spain and did a year of travel around Asia with their two school aged children. Their stories are awesome, particularly about how they continued their children’s education on the road. They also have a blog. I haven’t read much of it but it’s a great resource if you’ve got kids.

The Morgans

Another interview of people travelling with kids. However, this was also a great listen for those without kids as well.

The Morgans travelled the world for a year with their four kids. Originally from New Zealand but now living in Perth, Australia, they have had quite a year. Jared and Iri shared their wonderful ideas, stories and humour and do so through their blog as well. A great listen!

Dave and Carmen

Probably the podcast that impacted me the most was with Dave and Carmen.

They started blogging while living in London (they’re originally from Perth, Australia). Soon, they decided to take the blog on the road, giving up their jobs to travel full time and make a living as digital nomads.

They have had success so far, managing to not only continue to travel but put money away into savings as well. Their podcast interview was a lot of fun and their blog is even better. Both ex-journalists, they’re incredible writers.

Have you listened to any Expat Chats? Which were your favourites?

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  1. Ooh, this is great! I just downloaded a couple of these and subscribed to the podcast. I’m always looking for good things to listen to while running or driving! Thanks!

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