It has been over six months since I wrote the Welcome post here… and then promptly neglected the blog and never wrote again.

Recently, I have been reading a number of blogs and thought to myself, as I have so many times before, I should really write a blog. It was only when coming to set it up did I see that I had actually published that first post. I thought I had just saved it- apparently not!

Not too much has changed since that first post. Poopsie and I continued to live our lives around 5.5 hours apart. However, just a week before Christmas, I moved in with him and we are now set to start our lives living together full time. I can’t wait.

Since before we got together, we enjoyed discussing personal finance and early retirement with each other. I had long been a fan of personal finance, starting with The Simple Dollar and eventually graduating to Mr Money Mustache. It was MMM that I introduced Poopsie to back when we were just friends, and he was hooked as well.

Since getting together, early retirement has been our goal but it has always been largely driven by me. A few months ago, I found  Frugalwoods which helped re-ignite the passion for us both. We started making solid plans, running numbers but somehow kept coming up short. Obsessed with buying a house in a ridiculously overpriced NSW market, we couldn’t make the numbers work as well as we wanted them to. Yes, we could still retire early with a paid off house, but we wanted it quicker and we wanted more freedom to travel in the process.


Poopsie and I

In December 2015, I had a very long upcoming road trip so I wanted to download some podcasts. I was searching around some popular and recommended ones when I came across The Expat Chat.

Suddenly, everything changed.

I listened to interviews with people who had given up the rat race and embarked on a life of constant travel. Some were retirees, some were early retirees and some were digital nomads who made their income online, allowing them to be anywhere in the world while they worked. The stories were incredible. Poopsie quickly started listening as well and we were both hooked.

Independently, we both started to wonder if we could work constant travel into our early retirement plan. As I am the chief number-runner of the family, I started to look at whether or not this was possible. We were delighted when we realised it was, and getting to the point where we could retire early and travel the world became our new goal.

Join us on our journey there.




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